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Are you looking for a reputable and diligent property management company in the Danville area?
Castle Management is ready to help! Our company was established with the goal of leading the industry in providing individualized attention to our clients and producing top-notch returns on your investment property.

Our creative business strategy integrates the customer service and management disciplines used in institutional property management at the local level.

Our dedication to giving clients more access to their agents have led to significant business growth and enduring relationships with our clients and industry experts.

We oversee commercial, multi-family, single-family, and condominium properties. Regardless of the kind of property you own, our high-end services are designed to increase your rental income and free you up from the daily duties of being a landlord.

You can put your faith in our team to maximize the value of your property while giving you the time and freedom you require. We have the knowledge and expertise necessary to guarantee that all of our clients’ property management needs are met.

Services We Offer for Property Management

Our first-rate property management services will help you find good tenants, arrange all your financial records, handle maintenance and repairs, and more.

We offer the following services:

Tenant Screening

Castle Management follows a thorough tenant screening process to ensure that you find excellent tenants. We thoroughly screen all applicants as part of our tenant selection process, checking their credit, employment, rental, and criminal histories.


To confirm that the prospective tenant has a history of timely rent payments, good communication, and no lease agreement violations, we’ll contact any previous landlords for references.

Finding long-term tenants who’ll treat your house like their own home is another one of our goals. These top-notch tenants also significantly reduce the possibility of high tenant churn rates and guarantee you a steady stream of rental income.

Rental Payment

Regular and on-time rental payments are essential to get the most out of your rental properties and increase your income.

At Castle Management, we strictly enforce our rental collection policies, taking many preventative steps to ensure you receive your rent payments each month on schedule. When the rent is due, outstanding balance notifications are sent out daily by our property management software.

Rent payments made by tenants are accessible and secure. Our lease agreements and any associated addenda are well-written, ensuring that your tenants are fully aware of all rent-related terms and expectations.

In addition to acting as a repository for all lease documents and digital image data, Castle Management offers a secure channel for traceable communication.

Property Maintenance

At Castle Management, we recognize the value of routine maintenance and urgent repairs to safeguard your real estate investment. We have an internal maintenance crew prepared to handle any urgent or regular maintenance needs. Additionally, we’ve worked closely with neighborhood sellers for over two decades.


Monthly yard and interior inspections are included in our basic maintenance packages, among other things. You may trust that our qualified and experienced maintenance specialists will complete the task correctly.

As your partner in safeguarding your investment, our 24-hour on-call maintenance crew is always available to promptly and economically meet emergency maintenance needs.

Advertising Your Rental Home

Castle Management's marketing methods are tried-and-true. Our primary goal is to obtain data through rental analysis to identify the property’s best aspects.

We’ll then tailor our marketing strategy to your specific needs, and develop a target market that’s right for you. We take advantage of top web marketing outlets, conventional ads, and recommendations from others.

Because appearance is so crucial, all marketing materials, including images of the property, will be expertly curated. We'll also post footage of the property tours to draw in more potential tenants. Through our marketing methods, prospective tenants will be able to form an educated opinion of the apartment before visiting.

Financial Reporting in Detail

The amount of paperwork you have to sort out for your rental properties may often feel overwhelming. We at Castle Management are aware that being a property owner entails a lot of time-consuming and frustrating bookkeeping. We want to make it simpler for you to manage your accounts.

When working with us, you’ll have access to our web portal, where you can locate all of your crucial financial data and updates, as well as maintain current knowledge of all matters pertaining to your rental properties.


We deliver comprehensive monthly statements online with all income and expense data. Spending hours digging through documents will be a thing of the past with our password-protected system!

Preparing and Signing of Leases

In order to safeguard your investment and interests, Castle Management will create a complete lease agreement for your property. With our expertise, we know how to draft lease agreements that are both precise and lawful.

All rental/lease agreements we draft must be read and signed by all tenants accountable for the lease. This reduces future misunderstandings and uncertainty over their terms.

Living in Danville, CA

Danville is an Oakland suburb in Contra Costa County, California. Residents in Danville enjoy a sparse suburban vibe, and the majority own their homes.

Those who reside in Danville, CA, are familiar with the many beautiful restaurants, boutiques, and mom-and-pop establishments that Downtown Danville offers.

The excellent array of schools in Danville is a key factor in why it is a favorite choice for families. Due to Danville's fantastic year-round weather, there’s always time to explore the region's outdoor attractions and cultural hubs.

If you're wanting to invest in real estate or move to Danville, Castle Management can provide you with all the necessary property management help. Contact us today to learn more about us and our services!

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Areas We Serve

We are proud to serve the following areas:

The Greater Bay Area including,
San Ramon
Pleasant Hill
Walnut Creek
San Pablo
El Cerrito